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  • confusion

    okay, this might be a little long winded, but oh well.
    I am an 8th grade girl
    so I have this history teacher that I didn't like in the beginning of the year. I rolled my eyes every time she said something. But than at around November I had a meltdown after her class because I found out my uncle was in a coma and had really bad health issues. anyway, she asked me what was wrong when she saw my face and she looked really concerned. I lost it. I started crying and telling her what happened. she than sat me down and told me about her personal issues (I will not go into detail) and it made me feel better. she hugged me after. since than I had a sort of affection towards her. but not a like a love affection. like a motherly affection. I really love her as if shes my mother. we always joke around with each other and she talks to me a teacher doesn't usually talk to a student. like we've known each other for years kinda way. we even have inside jokes! It makes me feel weird because I read online that this happens to kids who don't have a mother like person in their life and wants to fill that need. but the problem is that I have a perfectly happy relationship with my mother. I love her to death. so the point of this long paragraph is, is this normal? Is it weird for me to feel this way? and does it seem like the feeling is mutual between us? im so paranoid that she'll somehow see this. thanks.

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    What you are going through is completely normal and not weird at all. In our lives we will meet people that feel like family to us, and that's ok. Even when people have two healthy parents they may find comfort in another relationship. The more support we have at a difficult time the better. You both shared something personal and in that a personal bond. Even if she saw this (which I don't think she ever would) it's completely anonymous. If you want to talk more call 2NDFLOOR youth helpline anytime at 888-222-2228 or text us Fridays 4-8PM at 908-280-0235


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      thank you, 2ndFLOOR.
      you replying made me feel better. I have one other question, though.
      my mom and my friends both have noticed that I talk about her more than my other teachers. But I don't know if I should tell my mom how I feel towards her. should I? or should I keep it to myself for awhile? I don't want my mom to feel I don't love or want her anymore, because I do want and love her.
      thanks again.


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        It is up to you as to whether or not you would like to tell your mom about the connection and bond you have with your teacher. Your mom may be happy to know that you have a teacher at the school that you trust and can turn to when you are feeling down, but again it is really your choice as to how you would like to go about this. I would also suggest making sure your mother knows how much you love and care about her! You can call us at 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline anytime we are here 24/7 @888-222-2228.


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