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    everything upsets me. yea i have my own personal problems that i can go on and on about. but reading stuff like the things people write on here and other places on the internet, seeing everyone so down about life, it makes me so mad. especially knowing there’s nothing i could do about it. the stupid country we live in where money is top priority, they’d rather see people starving, homeless, emotionally/physically/financially tired than to lose a few bucks. there’s no actually safe place. and whenever i speak my mind in “being negative”. maybe i’m just fed up; not everyone can be strong and push through. oh and school, it’s not for everyone. i shouldn’t have to “pick” between my happiness or school every morning. pick is in quotations because nobody can actually choose.. go to school or you can’t be successful. finish school or you’ll struggle for the rest of your life. man who cares. once i realized people care more about what my career would be and how many kids i have and how much my salary is etc it made me realize i can’t be happy. not here. but idk what to do. all i really wanna do is relax and be happy. but it’s impossible. i m p o s s i b l e. and everyone tells me the same thing. “finish school and get a good job so you can support yourself later” but at this rate there won’t be a later. there’s no point

    and do not get me started on how nobody can even get along long enough for change to actually happen. there’s always those sick people who are so closed minded and set in their evil ways they don’t see anything wrong with the world. all the racism, homophobia, bigotry, sexism, classism, and overall carelessness people have for others it’s disgusting. but again, i can’t do anything about it but keep to myself. i know there’s no right answer for anything i spoke about; i don’t even know why i’m writing here, there’s no actual advice i’m looking for, just wanted to speak my mind i guess.

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    Thanks for reaching out, this is a great place for you to speak your mind! I am sure there are many others that feel similar to how you are feeling and it may be nice for them to see a relatable post. You're right, there is a lot happening/not happening and many requirements to meet the societal term of "success". Which is why it is important to remember what success means to you. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Aim to get yourself to that point and that will be success.

    You are also right that there is still a lot of hate in this world, but one by one we are fighting to change it. It may feel like there is little any of us can do, but the thing is that there are things you can do. Starting with things like this message board. You can help people and provide them with a safe place by validating their feelings and letting them be heard. Respond to anything that may stick out to you. Outside of the virtual life, if you see someone having a difficult time, help them. Reach out to people you haven't heard from in a while, help your elderly neighbor with their trash, etc. Humanity is still out there, just a little hard to see with everything going on. Perhaps by being outwardly kind to others it will help to bring a little sense of self back to you.

    If you would like to talk about this or anything else further please text or call 1(888) 222-2228 anytime 24/7.


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      me again, i’m just going to rant here, not looking for answers just wanna talk. so obviously i tried being nice for the longest and i do try to help the best i can, but people take that for granted. and i don’t let people walk all over me because i do have boundaries but it always comes to a point where either i help them or nobody can. and sometimes i don’t feel like helping. for example i babysit my nieces and nephew 4 days a week 10 hours a day and they drive me crazy. i do get help watching them but it’s too much. they’re young and need someone full attention which they can’t get here. but it’s either here or nowhere, babysitters are expensive and everyone has trust issues. but i don’t get paid at all and i don’t have the patience or mentality for children right now, or ever. and weekends too most of the time, it’s ridiculous. but i can’t say no and there’s no other option. i’m also slacking in school, always have been but it’s just worse now. not like i actually care because school is pointless to me but everyone puts school on such a pedestal that they’d rather me hate my life but have a god job than figure things out on my own, with or without school. (main reason why i don’t care for it) i don’t see any higher education in my future. i don’t want a job. i don’t wanna work until i die and have kids that drain me. everyone around me says “kids give you a purpose” but all they give me is a headache. like i’ve been watching them everyday since 2018 so i mean when i say i’m never having kids. and also, it shouldn’t be so easy to have a child. there’s too many people that aren’t ready whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. it’s not for everyone at all. this lady allows her non verbal toddler to scribble on his own bedroom walls in a house she owns and you have people saying he needs a beating. FOR WHAT. ugh i hate when people thing abuse fixes things. and another mom made an at home jail cell for her kids with a mattress towel and good in a closet. that’s quiet literally a cage. and people are praising her for it?! that’s what i mean. the way i hear my mom speak to the kids i babysit is also ridiculous. “stop crying before i beat you” or “pull your pants up before a boy sees” when using the bathroom. like excuse me ma’am but the only boys here are your boyfriend, her 11 year old brother, and your teenage son. she is THREE. that’s disgusting . anyway.

      another personal problem(s) i have is that i sound 90% of my time in my room, which i have no problem with. but we just moved and my room is empty boring and ugly. it’s depressing. but whenever i want to buy something for myself someone always has a rebuttals on why i don’t deserve it. i’m just recently getting into video games because i literally don’t have any hobbies but because i’m not an “experienced” gamer i don’t deserve it.. or it’s “get your grades up and graduate and we’ll get you whatever you want” i’ve been hearing this my whole life. but the they’ll question why i never wanna be around people or eat with anyone. everyone makes my life miserable and when i try to distract myself or fix our problem. (OUR problems. not even just mine) i’m deemed negative and need to get my life together. like you literally won’t let me.

      my problem is i don’t have anyone to speak to. everyone tells me the exact same thing. focus on school and you’ll figure it out. like huh, i’m hanging on a thin ass string, i don’t have 2 years left in me of this. that’s why i just come on here and type an entire essay on none sense, i don’t really get to talk about my feelings. gotta stay strong for everyone else. like this text isn’t even about my problem tbh, i just had to talk about a few things. and ik you’re busy replying to everyone else whose going through tough times but just had to get a few things off my chest. emphasis on the few
      anyway thanks


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