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  • biphobia/homophobia

    so i was talking with the kids at my table in art class about how someone had called me homosexual to try and insult me, and this one kid goes, “well are you?” and i got really awkward and just said “uhhh…” because i don’t want to put myself to some kids that i barely even know, and two of them continue to bombard me until all i can say is “i don’t know!” (which was a lie, because i am bisexual) and i was freaking out. one of them kept saying that i was too young to know that, but i’m in eight grade. i dunno. that whole conversation just made me feel really weird and pretty upset too.

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    hey! i'm really sorry that that happened to you. you didn't deserve to be bombarded by all of that. maybe ask your art teacher if you would be allowed to move seats to move away from those kids? i wish you the best of luck!


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      Hi! Thanks for reaching out. It is not easy to ask for help when you need it. It must be so frustrating to have people constantly question your sexuality; quite frankly, it is nobody’s business. You are never too young to have an understanding of your sexuality; have trust in yourself that you know the gender(s) you are attracted to. I agree with the above comment; try and find a way to distance yourself from these people who are questioning you. Hopefully that will help them stop asking you unwarranted questions. Additionally, try and talk to a trusted adult (like your parents, guardians, or a trusted teacher); they might be able to help you find another solution.

      Try and remind yourself that your sexuality is valid and something you should trust and take pride in. Anyone who implies otherwise is not worth keeping in your life and it is not worth it to pay mind to anything they say. If and when possible, surround yourself with people who treat you with respect and kindness. This will hopefully help you to maintain comfort and pride for all of the wonderful things you are.

      Good luck!


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        Hello. It is not easy to reach out in situations like these, so thank you for your post! I see that you were very upset and frustrated from this conversation, and you are valid about having those feelings. Those students were in the wrong to bombard you as they did. I would see if there is a way you can switch tables. It is definitely not easy having a sexuality that is not "the norm", but being confident in your sexuality and surrounding yourself with people that support and love you is key. We can't help who we love, and you are definitely not too young to know that you are bisexual.
        I'm sorry to hear that this experience happened to you. There are so many LGBTQ+ people (and allies) out there and once you find them, they can really lift you up and realize that it is ok to not be straight.


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          Hey, thank you for reaching out! That sounds like a very difficult situation and it seems like you handled it the best you could. As some of the other notes posted, maybe getting involved in something that is for the LGBTQ+ community will help you to feel more secure and safe talking about sexuality (not that it was their business but just for your own sake).


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