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  • Why is this the case?

    I know this is stupid. So I always struggled with that start, middle and end of a relationship with teachers because often times, I realize that some are so welcoming and go above and beyond to help long after their job is officially done, and this makes me expect the same from every supportive counselor or teacher who Ive encountered or helped me so much. I graduated high school already by the way. For instance, my former theatre teacher literally offered to go out for ice cream and catch up. Then I have this former counselor who knew far more about the intimate details of my life who didnt even want to hear an update as she thought that should go to my therapist, missing the point that its a reconnection. But even if I had an advice to ask, what is the problem with that? Again, with the theatre teacher, couple days ago, I got a callback from an agency, and asked for her theatrical advice. I wish I can do the same with that councelor to be able to ask her for advice about my emotional matter. Baffles me how some teachers/counselors are quick to throw away a built and established rapport even if its once in a while, this counselor just doesnt want to engage, and this teacher has her door open. I wish they can both switch. It's just that why are some counselors all out to try to support me long after Im not their students, while the ones who actuallyt know more said they planned to give me 1 meeting a semester (even that they failed!), when others have been so open and actually want to connect outside of school and one time my long former counselor told me to rely on her when I was a camp counselor at camp and text her whenever I needed her. See my point?

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    It is understandable how post service relationships can be confusing. Most of the time a person with a counseling degree or license cannot engage in a continued therapeutic relationship with a client after services are given. This is because it creates a dual relationship which can be ethically confusing. However teachers aren't bound to that limitation which explains why the teacher could go out for ice cream with you and the counselor can't help you with emotional advice. However if you wanted to speak with the counselor about something professionally and not personally you should have a better outcome. If you would like to talk about this or anything else further please contact 2NDFLOOR any time 24/7 at 1(888)222-2228.


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