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    I dated somebody at school. And then we broke up. And then she screamed at me continuously.... And then she kicked me out of our friend group... So now I'm alone in school... I get picked on in the halls, I get picked on during lunch so I hide in teacher's rooms or pretend to need help or hide in a secluded corner of the library. I'm alone in classes cause I lost 11 of my closest friends all at the same time... I'm lonely in classes, in lunch, afterschool. I miss having a group of friends. I have few friends left. The rest are too afraid of my ex to talk to me.
    I got bullied in school, I always did since I moved to this town, but somehow when I dated my ex they all stopped. Now they're all back. And a majority of the friends I made are gone too...
    I feel so alone in school... Sometimes I just don't want to go...I can go four hours in a seven hour school day without saying a single word... cause. The only people who talk to me are just trying to pick on me. But because they don't chronically bully me, nobody can do anything. They're just one of the many many. many. other students. That walk through the halls and don't like how I'm walking, or how I look, or how I act. Since they don't pick on me more than once or twice, they can't be branded as bullies. But there's so many of them.

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    Sorry hear that is happening to you. You do know that you can report that bullying behavior to school administration (principal, guidance, teachers)! Just be sure to hold your head up and know that you don't have to put up with their abuse, report it. It also sounds like those friends probably weren't your friends to begin with so better to know now then to continue giving your time to fake friendships. I'm sure it makes you feel very alone but try to keep in mind that school is not forever even though it seems like it. I hope this helps you a bit, but please report these kids to someone. Here is a good resources with information at . Text or call 2NDFLOOR anytime at 888-222-2228.


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