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    I'm a sophomore in high school and I currently take all honors/AP classes. They're all really fun, but I've been experiencing some stress from the combined workload, so I decided to take a A level (easier) calculus class next year. My math teacher heard about my choice and encouraged me to continue on the honors track. Now I'm considering taking A level English, or just continuing H/AP track for all my classes.

    I know that only I can make this decision, so I'm sorry if this is a weird question, but I could use some guidance. I've considered both writing and science as possible career paths. If I want to keep my college/career options open, do you think a strong background in English or math is more useful?

    Thank you so much!

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    If your college education is going to be in either Science or Writing, I would say giving up AP in either of those areas is not a good idea. Math can sometimes be helpful in science, but if you had to drop an area, that would probably be your best bet based on what your considering. If you are truly stressed out and need to drop, I get it, but your Math teacher is also right that it's not a good idea to drop down in any areas (if you can manage it). Call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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