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    At first, it was funny but it got old fast. I am in a special ed class (that i really don't need to be in) and the teacher, every day, likes to imply that we are stupid and lazy, and that we are going nowhere in life. Heck, he compared us to natural selection this week! he said we will be the ones with no job and the lowest on the chain. EVERY DAY he says how in middle school, we didn't do anything, how they just passed us through and hated us. EVERY DAY he says, and i quote, "mommy isn't here to flick a magic wand" and "in middle school they were like, he didn't hand anything in, but he kept his head up in class, he raised his hand, lets give him a B!" he will constantly make fun of us. Then, when we had the bio test, i told him that the majority of things on the test, we didn't learn, he said that he followed the curriculum when even the aid in that class agreed with me. I have recorded him saying these things with my phone. i know that the year is almost over and that i probably wont have him next year but, i don't want any other special needs kids to experience this bullying. what should i do? who should i go to? is there a way i can report this anonymously? Please help!!!

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    This sounds like an awful experience. It is unacceptable for a teacher to behave like this to a class. It is great that you want to help prevent this from happening to other students who may have this teacher next year. You may want to talk to your parents or guardians about this first. They may be able to help you come up with a plan, talk to your school with you, or even just provide support. It would also be helpful to tell your principal, superintendent, and guidance counselor about this occurring. It would also be helpful to talk to some of the other kids in your class. They are probably feeling the same way as you are, and may want to talk about it or want to help report it to the school, as well. Check out the website for information. There is also a way on the homepage to anonymously report instances of bullying to your school, which you can try out. But remember, there is no need to go through this experience alone! Please call 2NDFLOOR anytime at 888-222-2228 for more help!!


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