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School kind if sucks

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  • School kind if sucks

    I honestly hate school do much. I don't get bullied or anything. I'm actually student council president, on varsity sports and people like me. I just always feel so stupid. My grades aren't necessarily bad. My highest grade is. 99 average in bio and my lowest is an 83. But I still always feel stupid. Like today I got a 52 on my Spanish quiz! Not because I didn't study or didn't know anything but braise I second guessed myself. I would have gotten a 100%! I just don't trust myself alot if times and always feel sad and depressed. I also feel like the people who used to be my best friends don't care about me anymore. People are also always expecting too much from me. I'm thought of as a reliable person so people are always asking for favors and I'm tired of it. Then people say I'm so "cute" and "innocent" so guys never look at me as the dating type but rather a best friend which is annoying too. I just need High School to end!

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    School can be difficult at times. It sounds like maybe you are going through a tough patch of time right now. Give school some time and maybe it will get better for you. There are books out there on test taking. Maybe reading one of them will give you some ideas on how to not second guess yourself. One of the hints for taking standardized tests is going with your first instinct. There are guys out there for all types, so being cute and innocent is not a bad thing, it just means you haven't found someone that appreciates you for those features yet. Call us anytime if you feel you need to talk at 888-222-2228.


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