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    Me and a few of my friends are like...3/4 ahead of the class. Literally. We do our homework during school becase there's nothing else to do during the 30 min the rest of the class is doing work. I spend 7 hours a day learning nothing.

    I do lots of activities but rarely my homework because I am busy learnign on youtube or reading a book that actually challenges me. I hate it. I just took a look at my school's budget for next school year, and 55% is put to use for learning. I have no problem for this because I know of all the things that must be done. But how this is broken up? 35% to general learning, 20% to special ed. 20% of my school budget helps just about the same number of kids that need extreme enritchment.

    Is there a place for the children that need extreme enrichment? NO. I am in advanced lal, and math, but it is really the same as the other classes with smarter kids. We move slowly and everyone is bored. I did not learn anything today. My school takes pride in "No child left behind," however, there are 40 of the 260 of us that are very left behind.

    I need someone with the power to change these things to act before I become an emotionless sociopath that ditches so I can go to the library... I have asked my teachers, and all they say is to enrich myself and tudor. If I don't agree that I should be wasting my time on homework, then I don't. I still get As because of my participation and tests.


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    Changing a broken system is difficult, but not impossible. Keep in mind this is your opinion that this system does not work and there may be others that disagree with you. You can try to write letters to people like your principal or the superintendent of schools in your area. You can also send letters to local newspapers and websites expressing your concerns. Finally, there are schools out there for gifted students. It would take some research in your area and probably the consent of your parents, but if you are that advanced they would probably be happy to have you attend one of their schools. Good luck and don't stop trying hard. Call us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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