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  • I feel all so bad

    It feels as if everything in my life has gone wrong. I always think that I could have done something like to stop it but I guess I can't. I mean the things that happened really was nothing that I could have stopped. like when my house burnt down and my dogs died in the fire I kept telling myself that I could have saved them when really no one was home at the house, and the fire was no one's fault. electrical fire so it really couldn't have been prevented. Also when my mom did drugs I felt as if I was the reason. that I was the reason I can never live with her full time ever again because she did drugs we had no money so the house we lived in was taken away she left all our stuff so it was like the house fire all over again and she even gave away my dog like it wasn't apart of the family. know I live with my dad and that's fine. I love my dad there is nothing wrong with him or my stepmom but I just always feel like everything is my fault. (I don't have a phone so don't tell me to call or text it makes me feel bad)

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    I am sorry to hear that you have had some difficult times in your life so far. That is a common feeling to think that you could have had more control over these situations even though in reality you couldn't. It sounds like you need to speak to a therapist or counselor about these feelings to help you process them and move on. It's great that you have your dad and stepmom. However, what you have been through sounds very traumatic and you may need some professional support with this.You can start by going to a counselor at school and/or telling your dad about your feelings and that you need help. If you take some of these steps hopefully you can start to find peace. Take care of yourself!


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