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Food and stress

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  • Food and stress

    lately my life has been pretty stressful and I developed a bad habit of eating to deal with my emotions but the thing is I'm in xc and track so I am basically gaining weight at a slow pace. not hugely noticeable but if you looked at a picture from a year ago you would notice my face thighs and stomach are not as toned as they once were. I began to restrict my diet a while ago and that just set me up to have feeling that I am so hungry and eat SO much at night. I don't know how my family doesn't notice the amount of food I eat and eat after dinner till I finally am able to pull my self to bed with an aching stomach every single night and some times I even puke a little and not on purpose from the amount in such a short time. I can't even say anything to my parents or a doctor bc my family always sees me as "the skinny one" and I can eat as much as I want. and it's ok I'm alittle chubbier bc I'm overall still really thin. but I've gone from athletically thin to average I guess weight and I don't see my habits stopping. I try to restrict my calories every day, because with a fairly low fat percentage that's all I can do to get back to were I was I'm guessing. but it makes me want food more but I know I can never be happy with how I look now! I look at pictures and I feel so lowsy bc I loved the body I had and it's gone. I didn't gain weight bc I'm older, believe me Ik my food habits have changed a lot. It started out only happening sometimes, then at night, but now it's like everymeal. I don't knows he difference between a little hungry normal or full feels like anymore and all I think about is how I can handle my food problems

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    Glad you reached out to us! Here is some information about healthy eating @ should take a look. Try talking to your parents, I know you said they think of you as the skinny one, but that is irrelevant when it comes to having unhealthy habits or bad routines with food. You could just mention that you aren't feeling healthy or energized lately with your eating habits, school activities and stress. Just let them in on what you've been struggling with. You could possibly go to a nutritionist or even talk to your coach about healthy eating tips, just don't struggle alone. Here is another educational link that might help you see what changes you could start making toward feeling better about your choices. I hope these help you and if you want to talk, just give us a call at 888-222-2228 or even text us at same number.


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      I don't eat to much whenever I get stressed I don't eat. Currently I only eat dinner. no snacks no water and no food.


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        i just constantly binge from stress causing me to gain more and more weight so much stuff keeps happening and the food is always there its constsnt reliable so rely on it slowly ruining my life and turning into a giant fat blob


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          In fact I have wondered which of the topics for my essay to select. I have even visited for getting some ideas. But your topic have really widened horizons for me


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