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  • I feel so displaced

    Let me begin by saying I am really alone.I do have a family that care, but as a saying that goes, communication is not key, comprehension is. They are overall toxic and their views on emotions in general are just so off. So no, the are not my support system. Last year, during my mental breakdown, I had to seek it through counselors at school who I absolutly became close with. Would be appropriate if asked my former councelor where when I am in moments of panic from lonliness, to reach out to her just to restore that feeling of connectedness, since she really was the only one who held that safe space for me? And if not,Why not? It's not that hard to do, especially that I am a former student, and she isn't so involved in my life anyway because she is not physically there.
    What are ways I can at least ask her? OR bring about a conversation of if she's able to still support me, from distance and with limits?
    I get the idea some councelors don't want to be involved anymore in a student's life, but I do want some more clarity, because there had been some who were willing.

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    That is a tough spot to be in when you feel that your family is not supportive. There is no harm in reaching out to your school counselor for some guidance just understand that she may or may not get back to you, it's just how it is. There are ethical boundaries for teachers/counselors about relationships with students and some teachers/counselors don't push those lines ever and some make exceptions depending on the circumstances. There is no harm in reaching out and asking for help with something like I mentioned. It's also important to practice self care and coping skills to manage stress, pressure, anxiety, depression, etc. Learning these tools are part of life skills that will help you navigate ups and downs which are inevitable. Find what works for you and put them in to practice. Here is a link with tips for coping, I hope you try some at If you want to talk about this or anything you can call or text 2NDFLOOR at 888-222-2228.


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      I want for my therapist to understand this part: that I am ok accepting the outcome if they choose closure, but at least I'd want to try because what if they said yes? And she's a bit old fashioned on this and thinks since you met a school and you're not there, she can't continue to support you. And this is frustrating me.


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