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    im concerned about both my physical and mental health. ever since november i have been using drugs alot more. atleast once a week i get blackout drunk and when i start to drink i just cant stop until the whole bottle is empty. during winter break i tried lsd for the first time and i had a really bad trip and have felt paranoid ever since, i used to smoke marijuana alot but now when i do that it makes me feel anxious and like im goong to have a panic attack. i also have been smoking cigarettes ans vaping and i really want to quit because everytime i inhale to breathe i get a really sharp pain in my chest. i really want to stop but i dont know if i can. im just really anxious. im also afraid to tell my parents and even mention it to my therapist cause i dont want her to tell them about it. i dont know what to do, my depression and anxiety is at an all time high.

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    Glad you reached out to us. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge a problem so maybe you can take the next step and ask for help with your therapist. Glad to hear that you have a therapist for support with depression but you are not helping yourself if you are not honest in sessions. Talk to your counselor that is what they are there for, talk so they can help you help yourself to make healthier choices to cope with your depression. You mentioned that your depression and anxiety is at an all time high and that is because drugs and alcohol can do this so again I can't stress to you enough the importance of talking to your parents and therapist. You are not alone. Here are some additional resources as well, and Please don't hesitate to call or text at 2NDFLOOR anytime you need to at 888-222-2228.


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      well. my best friend just told me that i am a drug addict and that i dont put any effort into getting better, which isnt true cause ive been trying so hard. i am losing my shit rn and i feel so alone and i havent felt this bad in so long. this is the worst i have ever felt and i am very concerned for myself right now. after bottling stuff up for so long ive just snapped. i have such a bad urge to selfharm right now and ive had a ton of (passive) suicidal thoughts. im just a s up and i dissapoint everyone.
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        I am sorry to hear that you are struggling right now, it can't feel great to have your friend say unpleasant things to you and about you. So I don't know the backstory to everything that is going on but sometimes people can be harsh and whether it is true or not you can still be upset, but also keep in mind that sometimes friends or people who love you can say things that you don't want to hear but need to. Regardless of any of this please be sure to reach out for professional support with a counselor or support group or trusted people in your life. You are not alone and can get through this tough patch so keep your head up. Here are some resources that can be helpful at and and and I hope that you utilize some of these links and if you want to talk about this or anything please text or call us anytime at 888-222-2228. Also here is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline link at or call 800-273-8255 anytime someone is there to help you.


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