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  • This system sucks

    I feel strong urges to self harm, and theres no one to help. I wanaa overdose but i will not call the line because no one cares and its all a scam. Im a freshman on campus, and the counceling program sucks and doesnt help me. 1. They are so frugal with their time. I told them in the beginning I see a therapist outside ofschool, and they were like we cant see u then. I was shocked because at school, councelor would urge u to seek outside help as well as they had the desire tp help u out. Like I need someone within my sarroundings that i can build a connection with. I created such strong connections witg my school councelors last yr, there were about 5 who were really routing for me. Last yr, I got hospotalized and diagnosed with GAD, and Bipolar. I had toxic home and they were like my family and they knew I felt this way about them. I would not have accepted "help" or treatment and go outside my comfort zone if I didn't know there were ppl who had my back. This yr in college? Its not the case. They dont Listen to me. My needs. They just want to give advices to get me outta there. With my diagnosis, specially mood swings, i need reassurance someone is there. I need connection, because with my issues, its what my life lacks that causes me this void. I also cant build connection with these ppl because of how frugal they are with their time: so if i start slipping inro these dark thoughts, why the hell should I trust them? If i wasnt given the time to see them enough. I dont trust to be sarrounded ny a program thats like this. Im an old soul, i know what I need: mentorily relationship. Thats the only thing that lifted me from my past voids and now im back at it again that its not there. I need connection. Hope is just delayed disappointments. And NO ONE CARES OR LISTENS.

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    It sounds like you are having some very strong emotions and it is good that you are able to identify what you need. However if you do feel like you need immediate help we must encourage you to contact your local police to have them send professionals qualified to help you. If you are looking for a provider outside of the school the best option would be to contact your insurance company to see if they cover any local providers. If you do not have insurance or access to a counselor outside of the school then why not try a counselor within the school. Each counselor has a different personality and different perspective that they can bring to your treatment. Perhaps if you find one is rushing you then that may be their treatment approach which may not work with you. Perhaps trying a different counselor would work better. Therapy doesn't always provide instant gratification, sometimes it takes the development of a therapeutic relationship to bear the fruits. Allowing the counselor time to know and understand you will help to customize the treatment course. Please know that there are people who care and who want to listen. If you feel like you want to talk about this or anything else please feel free to contact us anytime 24/7 via text or call at 1(888) 222-2228.


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      Thanks for your feedback, but I feel like u missed the point. I already have a therapist outside ofncollege, but Im missing that staff support whom are within distance as me, and im speaking od connection, not necessarily a therapist. Like last yr in school, I missed when Id have people to help me out in a panic attack crisis. Now thats not around in college anymore. Or i wouldnt feel safe enough to ask for help due to the little time I spend with those "councelors". I missed my old guidance councelors they always came to the rescue
      i was reallly counting on ur responce to make me feel better, so please reread my case. Thank u


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        Ive sent another message. I was hoping youd see that.


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          Sorry for missing the main point of your original message. It sounds like what you had in high school was a solid support team, now that you are no longer there you have to rebuild your support team. Just as I am sure you did in high school. That can be done by making connections with different people like professors, mentors, guidance counselors, friends.. They do not necessarily need to be a counselor per say. Colleges acknowledge that campus life in general is stressful and try to accommodate where they can to make school more mental health friendly. Perhaps you could try going to the student disability and accommodation department to ask them what supports they have in place that are available for you outside of the counseling center. Sometimes campuses have peer groups that may feel similar to how you do which would make for a good support team. Also, please know that if you ever feel you need to talk to someone but are unsure of who to talk to you can always give us a call or a text to talk it out. I hope this response helped a little more than the last. If you want to talk more about this or anything else 2NDFLOOR is available 24/7 via text or call at 1(888) 222-2228.


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            If I was to go to anyone else, they'll refer me to these councelors which feels like a trap. This is the only support they have. They dont have group therapy. How can I build a relationship with people who arent open? I missed when the coucelors at schools would say they're on board. Now its like they dont care. What if i wanted to talk 2 times? Supporr isnt within my sarrounding.


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              If you have any questions or would like to talk about this further please contact 2NDFLOOR at 1(888)222-2228. We are available 24/7.


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                Why do I need to reach out in different ways if I just did above?


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                  I get that you are having a rough time with navigating things right now. It seems like you have some questions about additional college support which is why we wrote that it might be easier to contact us on the phone. Here is a link that you can put your state and campus that you go to and it will list the contact information of who you can contact for campus support @ As far as you having a therapist, glad to hear that and you should express to your therapist how you are feeling about everything so he/she can better help you help yourself. Practice whatever coping skills that you've learned and discussed with your therapist as well. Some additional coping skills are on the link as follows Wish you the best of luck for a great year and if you need to talk again, you can text or call us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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