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  • idk what to do anymore

    So, basically my parents forced me to dropout of hs months ago. I've lost all my friends and my gf because of this. My parents haven't even put me in GED classes. I have to work full time and pay them rent. I've been in a depressed state ever since I've dropped out. I stay in my room all the time when I'm not working, and I've realized that I'm pushing my family members away. I'm not living for anything anymore. No education, no dreams, no aspirations. I don't want to live this life anymore. I don't wanna live at all anymore. if you are to recommend something, don't recommend the national suicide hotline cause they don't help. And I've told my parents how I feel and they've said they don't care what happens to me. So theres only one real option right?

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    I want to say how sorry I am that you are in so much pain. Being forced to leave a place where you can connect with your friends everyday sounds devastating and lonely. It's completely understandable that you're feeling the things you're feeling! While it may seem hopeless at the moment, there are many resources available to you. You're already doing something great for yourself by reaching out for support (and working as hard as you do at a full-time job)! I'm not sure what circumstances led your parents to make you drop out, but re-enrolling in high school may be an option. If poor grades were a factor in your parents' decision, this may be an opportunity to tell them what an eye-opening experience this has been and now you're motivated to work harder in school. Additionally, GED classes are most likely something you can seek out on your own since you're making your own money. Getting in contact with your high school to find out where to start may be helpful. Also, if you live in NJ and are 16 or older you can consent to therapy without authorization from your parents/guardians. You deserve extra support in coping with this! I'm glad you have the number for the National Suicide Hotline in case you're really feeling unsafe. You can also call 911 if you feel in danger of seriously hurting yourself. Please reach out to us at 888-222-2228 via call/text if you'd like to talk more! Thank you for contacting 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline!


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      Dear idk what to do anymore,
      I would like to contact you or have you contact me. I have alot of teens that also cannot get the help they need although they are screaming as loud as they can.
      I will keep every confidential and can understand exactly where you are coming from. If u need immediate help do not be afraid to call 911.


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        everything going on in my life is a mess up I give up on everything and everyone I had some good times but they went away I want help I want cutting to leave my head because every time something happens first thing is cutting on my mind and when I look at my cuts all I see is regret and seeing that they will never go way😔😕😥


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          I'm sorry to hear. Who do you have in your life for support?...parents, siblings, extended family, friends, counselor? I'm glad you reached out and posted this message but it sounds like you should really talk further to someone about your feelings. Here are some resources:

          Please call or text us here at the 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline and we can talk about this more. We are here 24/7 at 888-222-2228.


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            I have graduated from the university at 2006 and all I remember are parties, a lot of alcohol and fake research papers pretty much from the same site ( Looking back I wonder was it worth it. It was better to find a job and having a family already.


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