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  • A little down

    I will try using my therapy skills to hopefully make me happier. I don't know why I am depressed maybe because it is cloudy outside. I am lonely without my friends I wish they could invite me over their house without me inviting myself. I am tired of inviting every friend over but they don't think to invite me. Maybe because of their disabilities. I have two friends that are autistic and maybe they don't care if they have friends or not. plus I was in the special education class with them the past years. now going into high school I will be in the regular class and not in the extra help class where some of my friends will be. Also I have done a great job isolating myself from my friends during this summer even though I would text them. I just hope I can open myself up in high school and talk more to different students. Its hard for me to open up myself to new people because of my disability. Also I am nervous when going into high school how am I going to deal with high school when I am on my period. I am afraid to use a tampon because when I tried putting one in, the outside of my vagina hole would hurt. In middle school when I was wearing an overnight pad the blood went off the side of the pad and went through my pants and I was wearing white pants! Now I know that I need to wear dark pants during my period. but I just wouldn't know when to change my pad while running from class to class in high school.

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    Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. Friendships are hard and require work to keep them. Maybe you can tell your friends how you feel when they don't invite you to their house. They may not even be aware that they are hurting your feelings. Making friends in a new school can also be scary, but chances are there will be other people in your same position. Here are a few tips. Try looking for others who are sitting by themselves and say hello to them. They might be scared to reach out to others as well. Join a club or sports team that you enjoy. It's easier to make friends in smaller groups that have common interests. Finally, there will be time to change a pad during school time. It's likely that almost every girl in your school gets their periods and not all of them use tampons. Keep some pads in your purse and change them before lunch. Good luck in the new school and making new friends. Call us anytme at 888-222-2228.


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