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    My mom often uses the phrases, "Get me a gun" or "Just shoot me" when she is doing something she doesn't like or dealing with an annoying person. I always tell her not to say that, but she doesn't listen. She knows that I'm suicidal. I'm not sure why, but she still says those phrases to me even though she knows I actually want to kill myself. I'm afraid that if I mention that, she'll put me back in therapy, which I hated. How can i explain to her that it bothers me without that happening?

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    Most of the time people say things like that just as an expression without realizing just how meaningful it can be to people around them that are struggling with mental health issues. She probably has no idea just how much those terms can impact someone dealing with mental health issues and she probably just says them because she has been saying them forever and it's a habit like someone who bites their nails without even realizing they are doing it. Come up with a few phrases of your own like "That person really annoys me" or "Bad days are the worst" or make up some of your own that are best suited for your Mom. Then when she says her phrases, you say yours out loud too. Maybe with some time she'll begin to drop her old phrases and pick up your new ones. Also, as a side note, if you view therapy as a punishment, you had the wrong therapist. That doesn't mean they weren't good, they just weren't the right one for you. Therapy is a reward if you have the right therapist and it can help you deal with many of the issues you may be struggling with. Text us or call us if you have any other concerns.


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