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Should I tell my coordinator of discipline and father

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  • Should I tell my coordinator of discipline and father

    I need to let this out.
    I just came to the realization this afternoon after school and am still processing this. This girl named Autumn Johnson tried to end my life unintentionally out of rage. She's had a history of getting into fights over extremely petty things and manipulates and uses people by saying how her mother died of cancer and shit.
    Anyway, I accidentally shoulder-checked her, trying to catch up to my friend that was walking away to give him my headphones. She overreacts, and runs at me, I know she's running, but I never expected her to PULL my hair. hard. She shook me until I bumped into my History teacher, and he witnessed the whole thing. He was at the corner. Had he not been there, I would've probably been dying bleeding on the floor from a busted head. So I just want to know if I should tell my father and coordinator of discipline at my school. I'm scared that my father will do something extremely drastic, and harm the girl. I know she's going to face the consequences but still. I had to let this out. I'm still shaking from the ordeal. I also feel numb and tired and empty. Nothing's satisfying me anymore. What do I do?

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    First of all I'm glad you reached out to 2ndfloor. I am sorry this happened to you too. Did the history teacher do anything since he saw the entire incident? I think it's important for you to report it to the school. This girl needs help and also needs to learn that her actions has consequences. Why do you think your father would hurt her? I'm sure he knows that wouldn't be a good idea. You should let him know too and also let him know that you told someone at the school. Encourage him to contact the school. If you would like to discuss this further please reply to this message board, call or text 2ndfloor. Our number is 888-222-2228.


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