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I keep getting annoyed with my friends for no reason

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  • I keep getting annoyed with my friends for no reason

    My best friend and I used to hang out all the time and we were really close but then she got a boyfriend and some stuff happened where she kissed me we talked after and agreed that it didn’t mean anything because I don’t see her in that way and she doesn’t see me in that way but she started distancing herself from me while mending her and her boyfriends relationship which kind of bothered me because I can give her space of course but ignoring me instead of just asking kind of hurt but we got over it fast forward to now her and her boyfriend broke up and we were going to hang out for the first time in a while today she was supposed to come at 3:30 and leave at 9:30 because it’s a school night and she lives a little far but tested that she was going to be a bit late when it was 5:20 and she still wasnt here I texted her because I was tired and if she wasn’t going to come I wanted to take a nap she didn’t respond and eventually I called her she told me she was going to come head over now she just got home but then almost an hour later she texted me she wasn’t coming anymore I was kind of annoyed but I don’t know if I should be or not because I’m reality we see each other at school all the time and she didn’t do it on purpose

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    i have recently had the same problem where my best friend kissed me and we both knew we liked each other and she was forcing herself on top of me a lot , and so i decided that we should not be anything more then friends and she got mad and i can see why but it' my choice,my body and i get to choose what i feel comfortable with, then she had gotten a boyfriend and she forgot all about me ans i got really annoyed, then they also broke up and so we started talking again but she started doing the same shit, so i said give me a few days , and so we hung out then she met a new boy and she has only ever dated boys so i started thinking she only wanted me for my body but we were supposed to hang out and she complete ditched me and said she had a family thing come up but she posted on her story that she was with her boyfriend , so i got pissed and now we just don't talk so even tho it's the same situation exactly you still have a right to get ignored if she has been on and off


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      Hey! It sounds like the two of you need to have discussion again about the parameters of your relationship as friends. Communicating is the best way to get what you need from a relationship and to set up boundaries. For instance, showing up at a set time also falls within a boundary and if someone cant make it, communicating that to their friend is important. Also, it could just be she was running late and then got home and was too tired. While she should have communicated this with you without you needing to bring it up, maybe ask her about it to see how she responds. Hope this helps! Good luck!


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