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I always get furious when someone has something in common with me...? Why

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  • I always get furious when someone has something in common with me...? Why

    I am a very passionate person, especially when it comes to emotions. You can't see it on the outside but on the inside, sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode. When someone has something in common with me, I always get really angry with them and end up not talking to them for a week or two. I'm not sure why. For example, if my friend starts singing my favorite song, or if someone starts talking about my favorite book, they automatically go on my hate list until I forget about it. BTW I do have anxiety, mostly social. I've never been tested for any mental disorders but I'm almost positive that I do have it. I'm not saying I want to blame this on my head, but is there a mental disorder this fits into as a symptom or something? It's been this way for 2-3 years and it's extreme. People aren't allowed to agree with my opinions, like the same music, draw the same things, have the same personality, or anything that makes me who I am.My best friend loves the same music. If she starts talking about how cute the band members are, I ignore her for 2 weeks straight. I can't help it. I'm not usually one to show my emotions, but this is the biggest thing in my life right now. It's ruining all of my relationships....Does anyone know why?

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    It's hard to say why people behave the way they do based on the minimal information a message board allows you to write. Your best bet to find out is through some form of personal therapy. This would also be good for getting officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder too. In the mean time, try to diagnose your feelings, how does it make you feel when someone likes the same things as you...anger is usually an easy emotion to express, but is there something behind that? Jealousy? Fear? What do you think will happen as a result of someone liking the same things as you? Think about these things and see if you can come up with some answers. Maybe it will help you get to the bottom of what's going on. Call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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