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  • I'm done being trapped

    At this current moment, me, my mom, and my sisters are living with my grandma. My mom is currently looking for a place to move too. My mom completely neglects my little sisters and leaves all the responsibilities with me. I'm sixteen and live in Oregon. Me and my mom never get along and she is always partying and going out instead of taking care of my sisters. I feel like the real mom here. My mom is always negative towards me and putting me down, she's mentally abusive and sometimes physically. It isn't my responsibility to tend to her kids and I'm currently trying to focus on getting my GED. When my mom moves out can I choose to live with my grandma? It says that at the age of 16 I can leave my parents house without their consent and the police will not return me home unless I'm in danger. Most of my family agrees that my mom isn't right for doing what she's doing, I just want to know that I can choose to stay with my grandma when she leaves and she cannot force me to go with her.

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    I'm really glad you're reaching out to get support! I'm so sorry you've been overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of your siblings. It sounds like you've been feeling very unsupported within your family, so it's completely understandable that you'd want to make a change. This seems like it could be a legal issue, as it relates to custody and who it is more appropriate for you to live with as a minor. Unfortunately we aren't legal experts, and we're unable to provide legal advice. Have you spoken to your grandma about your concerns and your mother's abusive, neglectful behavior? This is not a problem you should be facing alone! Ideally, your grandma can help to be an advocate for you and your siblings to ensure your well-being. Additionally, have you spoken to your mom about what you want? Would she voluntarily consent to you living with your grandma? It's great you're talking to your family about what's happening, as you deserve support with this! If you'd like to talk more you can reach out to us 24/7 via call or text at 888-222-2228. Thank you for reaching out to 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline!


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