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  • I like this guy!

    So there's this hottie in my class! he is sooo cute and he confessed that he liked me and I told him how I felt with was I liked him too. But now he is sort of telling his friends about me. and I am getting Bombarded with questions. even though me and him agreed to keep US a secret. I tried looking feelings for him, but every time he looks at me I feel seasick, and I don't know if he lost feelings for me.

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    So it sounds like you need to just talk to him about what is going on...if you two agreed to keep things quiet then ask him about that! Not sure why you think that he lost feelings for you though, did something happen? Better off not overthinking this situation without actually knowing what is going on so just talk to him. Good Luck! If you need to talk again you can always text or call 2NDFLOOR at 888-222-2228, 24/7.


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      Hey, this is my first time on the second floor and through a school presentation, I heard about this amazing program so I decided to check it out! Anyways so my issue is theres this guy in my class, well he left the school now and I liked him a lot last year,somehow he found out that I liked him and now all the boy in my class make fun of me for liking him, and now their teasing me saying hes gonna come back to school, and ever since h elfet he hated me for liking him....what should I do?


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        Glad you reached out to us! That stinks that they are acting immature like that, but there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about. Just think about it, what is the worst thing that will happen with them all knowing this information, so just act unfazed by them. Hold your head up and brush it off, tell them who cares and that they should worry about themselves or say nothing and just laugh it off. Either way its their problem and not yours, maybe some of them like you? Just a thought.... Anyway, if you need to talk about this or anything please call or text us anytime.


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