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    I'm a girl who identifies as bisexual and I recently started dating someone who identifies as nonbinary (let's call them L). I'm only out to a couple people and only a few of my friends know I'm dating L. I asked L what I should say if I tell people we're dating and they said I can call them my girlfriend even though they use they/them pronouns. Now I get this can be confusing for people who don't know L is trans and uses they/them pronouns but still is ok with the label "girlfriend." I haven't told my parents that I'm dating L because I still don't think I'm comfortable being out to people. I feel bad for hiding it from others because I want to be honest and live my life, I'm just nervous of what others will think (even though I know I shouldn't be). Also my best friend and L both think I should tell my parents. I just don't know how I can build up enough courage to tell people, especially my parents.

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    Talking to your parents has to be on your terms and when you feel okay about telling them so don't feel pressured to. Your best friend and L should understand that and support your decision either way. Maybe try not to focus on having to label yourself or come out to anyone and just enjoy your relationships and who you are. Again, everyone opens up about their sexuality or what they want to identify as when they are ready so give yourself the space to do that. Here are some helpful resources that could give you some tools to communicate to your parents when your ready at or you can call too at (866)488-7386. Another resource is I hope I helped you some and if you want to talk again please text or call us at 888-222-2228, we are here 24/7.


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