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  • I dont know what to do

    So im gay and i just dont know how to deal with all this depression im facing right now its like im drowning and i cant do anything about it im never happy, anytime im at home i think about it and it makes me upset its like i cant accept it even though i know im gay i want it to just be normal for me so i can have confidence but i just cant. I havent come out yet either and i feel like if i do my family will treat me weird because they grew up always hating gays and they make jokes and shit about how gays should die and stuff like that and i hate it because i know once they find out there not gonna look at me the same there just gonna know me as the faggot in the family.

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    It's understandable why you're having a difficult time right now. Having a family that doesn't accept you for who you are can be very difficult to deal with and understand. It's sad that you're family feels that way, but there are other people in the world that don't. Have you considered coming out to someone else other than your family first. Someone that you believe would be accepting and understanding of what you're going through? Teachers, counselors and friends are all possibilities. This is something you should only do when you are comfortable and ready to come out. Then slowly come out to the people you want to know, asking them to keep it to themselves so you can continue to come out as you feel comfortable doing. Maybe one day you'll even be at a place where you may feel comfortable letting your family know regardless of what their reaction is going to be. For additional information check out the link below and call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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      Hey man, look just a quick little thing. You shouldn't think of being gay not normal. You are who you are and we are all weird in different ways. Your family will come to accept you some day and just remember one little thing. It's not a race. Come out to those you know and love when you feel like you're ready and don't worry about what others will think about you. Just be yourself and those who you love you for who you are, are you're true friends and family!


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