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  • Nursing school.

    I’m overwhelmed with doing school online and my anxiety and depression are off the wall. I feel like I don’t have motivation to do anything and I’m mentally drained but I still do all of it. I’m scared for junior and senior year of nursing because it’s one of the hardest times of schooling but the thing is I feel burnt out because I have my associates too and it’s been so much college. I also think I should live on campus for school because my household makes my mental health way worse but would that he a good idea with the money involved? I feel so lost and out of control.

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    Hello! It is definitely super common to feel similar to how you feel at this point in the semester. This is when students have to readjust to the true course load of the classes so it makes sense that you would feel overwhelmed. You say that you have your associates, try to remind yourself about how you were able to push through that program. If you could make it through an associates program you can make it through this! If you feel that living on campus may be better for your mental health then it wouldn't hurt to look at the option to see what it would entail financially. Is there a student advisor you could speak to about the details of it? Finding out information wouldn't cost anything ! A big thing to remember during this time is the importance of self care. It may seem like you don't have time for something like self care but it is sooo important. It can be something as simple as making a bedtime for yourself and sticking to it, or making time to talk to friends. Whatever helps you to detach from your school work and remind yourself that you have interests outside of school. It also wouldn't hurt to see if your school has a counseling program to help work on some of that depression and anxiety. You can do this! School doesn't last forever! If you would like to talk about this or anything else please reach out to 2NDFLOOR anytime 24/7 via text/call at 1(888)222-2228.


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