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    Hi, I am currently in sixth grade in the "plus program." I've been getting bad grades since the beginning of the year, 88's, 89's on my math tests and quizzes. Since then, I've been raising my grade and getting 100's and 98's but my parents still say they aren't satisfied. I know a B+ is bad in math but I have straight A+ averages in other subjects but somehow they just throw that away and look at one average. They've been expecting too much of me, being able to get all of my homework and chores done at the same time while still making time for my friends. Its currently the weekend and i have no work. I've been so tired of them criticizing me. I always greet them when they get home but my brother doesn't. I see my parents more than my brother does so naturally, i'll get yelled at more. I hate that, i hate it so much. If they see me getting a B+, they'll go tell the whole family about and making me embarrassed and not wanting to see them. My blood boils whenever I see my dad because he always puts me down and embarrass me. Why does my parents always have to humiliate me ??? It creates a bandwagon of my other family members to judge me. I just want my privacy and hide in a hole. Sometimes I just wanna cry. I just wanna tell them I know what I'm doing, I know that my grades aren't as good as in 5th grade, I know that I can do better. They think I don't work hard, don't study, just play video games and talk to friends but that's not what I'm doing. I sometimes just isolate myself in my room and play music while working and they perceive it as my playing video games and talking to my friends. I don't know how to explain it. You might be asking, "What does an 11/12 year old girl know?? She's so naive, kids are stupid. Middle school grades doesn't count." And you are right. Because of the constant put down, I don't expect much of grade anymore. If i get say, a 72, I don't care. I know that I'll get yelled at regardless. They say I have to get straight A's so I'll get into an ivy league college, good school, good GPA, but middle schools grades don't count, what do I have to worry for? Some paper certificate that says i show good character????????? Please. When my brother was in 6th grade, he would get straight B-'s and C's. Nobody said a WORD about it. How come I'm given different treatment? I'm always being compared. "because I'm a girl" they say. What does that change? I'm sorry boomer I don't live in the 1950's where men and women has specific roles. Sorry for the rant. I just needed somebody to listen to me.

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    That sounds really overwhelming. I am glad that you decided to share how you are feeling with us today. Sometimes venting can be very therapeutic. Have you ever spoken to your parents about how you feel? It sounds like your parents just want the best for you, but they may not realize that they are putting a lot of pressure on you and that you are feeling overwhelmed. Try to have a conversation with your parents and be honest about how you are feeling. Write down what you want to say first and perhaps rehearse it with a friend that way you can remember everything you want to say to them. As and Bs are good grades so make sure to give yourself some credit for all the hard work you have been putting in. Also, remember to exercise some self-care. It is alright to allow yourself some down time to do something that makes you happy. If you ever need to speak with 2NDFLOOR again feel free to reach out on our message board, by text, or by giving us a call at 1-888-222-2228. We are available 24/7.


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        Hold on there. We support you, it seems to me that everyone had the same or something like that. For example, in my school it was the same as yours, I was forced to learn lessons and get good grades. But when I went to college, everything changed because I wanted to. They tried to put pressure on me in college, but they didn


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