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    Dear 2nd Floor,
    I have recently entered a new school I'm in eight grade and I entered in the middle of the year in the middle of a week and I've only been in it for a couple of weeks the first not counting cause of some dilemmas, on the first day of school the students were nice enough not completely shutting me out and talking to me here and there, but there was a sense of loneliness and after the first day it was real loneliness none were actually friends, they were just being friendly and helpful. My biggest fear was, lunch because I hate being alone or not knowing where to sit since I didn't know anybody, but a girl told me I could sit with her in the beginning of the day and I thanked her gratefully, but when lunch finally came as I entered the cafeteria I couldn't find her and suddenly my stomach would quit jumping and my heart was going way to fast, so I ran out on pure instinct. I don't talk to that girl anymore and she doesn't to me either. Up until now I still don't sit anywhere I usually just go to the bathroom and read, or go on my phone waiting for the time to pass and go to my next class. There is no one I really talk to, and haven't met anyone because of my shyness so I feel completely alone and its not doing much for me at home either I've been completely terrified of going back to school because I don't want that sense of loneliness and as if I don't belong. This also usually makes me stay up hours at night sometimes the whole night. I just don't know what to do I feel so alone, sad, and frightened sometimes worthless. Please if you have any advice or anything I would really appreciate it.

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    It can be tough entering a new school especially in the middle of the year. Have you thought about joining a club or activity after school? Joining a club that you have an interest in can be an easier way to meet people. When you have a shared interest it can be easier to start a conversation. Additionally, asking a class member about homework can be a way to start a conversation. If you would like to call 2ndFloor at 888-222-2228 a counselor can help you work out some options that may be helpful to you and address any concerns you have.


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      I know how you feel

      I completely know how you feel ! I was there a couple weeks ago ! I just moved and was really worried about not having any friends and I didn't have any real friends up until a couple days ago. No body really wanted to be friends with the 'new girl' they already had all of their groups of friends and everything. And i'm not one to join clubs with out my besties so that was a no. These girls had invited me to sit with them so I did and they were really nice. From there on I made sure I had at least 1 friend in every class, if not, i worked on being close with at least 1 other person. And that really helped. I'm still a bit depressed about leaving behind my other friends but it's ok since I've made some new friends here. I'm sure you will too! Good Luck!


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