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I'm failing in school

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  • I'm failing in school

    I'm fail in school I don't Know what to do. I feel like I don't want to be in class. I've told my parents what I've done and what happened but the guilt just keeps on coming. why do I still feel so guilty. why wont the guilt go away. it's so frustrating

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    It may be helpful to first ask yourself "why am I failing?" For example, is it one class or all of them? Are you struggling with the material? Are you having trouble with your teachers? Are you not putting in enough effort? It is usually helpful to first identify where the problem actually lies and then make a plan. It is good that you talked to your parents. Perhaps they can help you resolve all of this and improve your grades. They may even be able to discuss your feelings of guilt. You may even find it helpful to talk to your guidance counselor at school for help or call 2NDFLOOR anytime at 888-222-2228 to talk.


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      Are you in high school or in college?
      If you are in high school alot of kids in certain societies volunteer to help tutor kids, maybe you can speak to the librarian
      You could always speak to your guidance counselor to or even your teacher who you are struggling in class with.
      If you are in college alot of colleges offer free tutors. I am not sure where they would be but a good place to check would be the library as the librarians would typically be able to point you in the right direction.
      you could always reach out to a friend and ask if they could help or if they have a friend who would be willing to help you! best of luck!


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        no im not in either im in middle school


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