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Work Stress and Being Overworked

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  • Work Stress and Being Overworked

    I’m a 17 year old casual employee at my job and i’m working 40+ hours a week, at first i found it nice because i was getting money and that’s what mattered to me at that point but now everything is getting a little too crazy. I get called in for shifts on the day they want me there and i can’t help but say yes because i feel bad and i come in and do it, i get pushed hard by my managers yelling and telling me that i need to do things better ect and now i’ve fallen sick. I’ve called in multiple times saying i can’t come in because i’m sick and they’ve understood for the most part but now they’re saying that they need me to come back so i went back to work and a couple of hours into my shift i fainted while working and have ended up in worse condition, i’m being overworked to the point where i am fainting and getting sick because of my work life and i can’t handle it but i need the job to be able to pay for my university fees and my car ect

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    Sounds like you need to be setting boundaries at your work. It's great to want to be helpful, but they also need to respect that you need time off and that if you're sick you simply can't come in. Your health isn't worth a job. It's ok to be firm but kind with them. If there are times you don't want to come in you can tell them you are sick and can't do it and that is it. If you do want to go in to earn extra money that's fine too, but don't feel like you have to work that extra time. Set your boundaries and be firm. Call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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