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    I was watching a movie with my family and it got to an uncomfortable part so I left the room (which is normal, I get second-hand embarrassment a lot when watching shows or movies so I leave the situation, it's nothing concerning). I went to my own room and sat down, then started feeling I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, I just didn't feel like I normally do. I started writing in an attempt to get these wack feelings out and then I just spiralled into this weird frenzy of missing my closest friends (I haven't seen them in a few days and something just clicked in my brain that I miss them a lot and I just want to talk to them). As I texted them to try to ease this feeling, I just started crying. I don't cry often, and it usually takes a lot for me to shed tears; naturally, I was concerned that something was wrong. It's not like me to feel incredibly sentimental, and I haven't missed someone like this for probably over ten years. I've since calmed down a little bit, I'm just a bit shaky now. I've felt a little nauseous on and off throughout the week, at first I assumed it was because I finished a Netflix series that I was very attached to and the ending was emotional (how cliche, I know lol), but it persisted and the nausea returned around the same time I started crying. After a quick bit of research, a site listing some common symptoms of anxiety made me realize that I've been experiencing many of the physical and thinking symptoms of anxiety. To give you the list: Physical - using the restroom more than usual, occasional racing heart, nausea, trouble falling asleep; Thinking - trouble concentrating, often forgetful or distracted, putting things off like schoolwork. Sure, the racing heart may just be from the school play I've been rehearsing for where I play a very dramatic character, and the trouble falling asleep may just be my inconsistent late-nights-on-weekends sleep schedule, and my forgetful/distractedness may just be my family history of ADHD (though I haven't been diagnosed with it), and I may just be competing for the world's top procrastinator (though this hasn't been normal until this school year). Either way, I have no clue what's going on and I just had this weird freak out that honestly scared me a little bit. Has anyone experienced this? This hasn't happened before, so if anyone has any ideas of what happened, your feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

    P.S. - I don't have any known mental health conditions, let alone any that could have led to this.

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    Thanks for your post! It actually sounds like your body reacted to a build-up of stress and this is completely normal and can be triggered by many things. It could be feelings of anxiety too which is also normal. I can understand why it scared you since it is the first time you experienced this. The best way to not "overthink" what happened is to accept the feelings and tell yourself that you are okay. From what you explained, multiple things could have built up this overload of emotions: the movie you were watching with your family, writing out your feelings, missing your friends, the Netflix series, the school play, sleep schedule, procrastinating. (Being forgetful and distracted whether it is ADHD or not is also very common when you have a lot of things positive or negative going on in your life at once) It also sounds like you've really figured it out yourself by pointing these things out! Keep in mind that you don't have to have a mental health condition to experience the feelings that you have explained. The most important part of this is the way you cope with it. For example, some healthy coping skills would be: talking to someone about your feelings, exercising, writing, drawing, painting, listening to music, yoga, meditation, reading, cooking, deep breathing, and any hobby that you enjoy or makes you feel happy. If you would like to talk with us further about this you can call or text the 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline. We are here 24/7 at 888-222-2228. I hope this helped!


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      Have you tried meditation or shower


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