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    Geting straight to the point:
    So I was always on the fence about whether or not to pursue medicine to become a psychiatrist or pursue PhD in Clinical Psychology. I applied for PhD and was accepted. I feel like I still have the passion for medicine and prescribing meds, but I mean come on, I got in and I get paid to be in the program so I ain't giving it up for something I may not succeed in.

    I feel like when I tell others the news, they don't treat it as prestigious as saying you got acceptance to medical school and I feel like that undermines the calibers of this achievement. I mean they do celebrate with me, but I feel like saying you are a medical doctor is a different kind of flex.

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    Some people in society do in fact see being a medical as a more prestigious position in life. That doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue what your dreams and goals are because you should be living the life you want to live, not living a life based on societal perceptions. In either case, both are jobs where you are able to help people and PhD's are still called doctors so if you introduce yourself as Dr. So and So that will still be impressive to some people. In any case, good luck with whichever path you choose as they are equally noble and commendable professions. Call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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      Congratulations! Clinical psychology PhD programs typically have around a 12% acceptance rate, that is quite the accomplishment. It sounds like you are making the financially sound decision in your future pursuit of education. However, it also sounds like you are doubting your success in applying for medical school to pursue becoming a psychiatrist, despite saying that is where your passions lie. What is your perception on the matter? Do you view both programs as equally prestigeous? If you feel that both will give you lifelong satisfaction in your practice, then pursue the one that is most agreeable to your situation. Whatever you choose, it sounds like you will pursue to the fullest extent. Again, congraluations on this great accomplishment, I hope you feel more celebrated in the future, and if you would like to continue this conversation, you can call or text 2nd floor at any time at 888-222-2228.


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