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    it's been happening for a while. the sadness. I haven't told anyone how much I feel it. I don't want to seem like I'm looking for attention but I just want someone, anyone to notice. I don't know how to make them see how much I'm struggling and want to hurt myself :/ I have a friend who deals with stuff like this but 10x worse than me. I feel that I shouldn't be sad about my life when their life is so much worse than mine. Also, I'm so close to them. She is like my platonic soulmate but she still can't see how much I'm struggling because she's focused on hers. which I'm glad she is cause I want her to be better but I'm also focused on her more than me which idk if that's good or bad. Like I want someone to be there for me like I try to be for her. she just doesn't reciprocate anything. the most she ever does is say I love you to me. and then gets upset when I don't say it back cause I cant. I feel that way but I can't force it out if my goddamn mouth. Why can't I just be normal and not be fucked in the head?! I wanna end it but I know I won't. or maybe I will idk. some fucked up shit might happen and then I'll get worse to the point of no return. I really just want someone to see that I'm not okay.

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    If no one knows that you need help, it's not likely to happen automatically. Getting help is something that you need to be pro-active in like reaching out for it. If your friends are not able to be that help for you, then talk to your guardians about some form of mental health therapy, which is probably better for you anyway. Hurting yourself in any fashion is never the solution to any problem and you should be getting help for any feelings or thoughts that are telling you to harm yourself in any way. It's great that you are there for your friends, but they can't always give you the help you need and it sounds like that's the case here, so again, professional help is probably the best way to go. If you ever feel like you might hurt yourself, contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK. You can also talk or text with us at 888-222-2228.


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