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    Can you die from to much asprin?

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    Yes, it is possible to die from too much aspirin, check out the following article for more info:
    I think a better question would be why do you want to know? Are you concerned about an amount of aspirin you took or are you depressed (as your title suggests) and are thinking about taking too many aspirins? In either case, please involve an adult immediately so you can get proper medical attention. There are people out there that can help you...including us at 888-222-2228, the NJ Hopeline at 855-654-6735 and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK.


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      I was ondering because i was thinking about doing that. I want to die the least painful way and i have no sleeping pills


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        Suicide is never the right way to cope with problems. If you are feeling like you want to hurt yourself, it is incredibly important to tell an adult immediately. You can also call 911 or your doctor. There are so many resources available that you can reach out to for support. Please call one of the above hotlines or you can call 2NDFLOOR anytime at 888-222-2228. We are here to talk to you and help you!


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          My bad life

          Ever since I was born my dad was very violent and had anger issues. So he would break things when he would get mad. And he ruined things like house walls glass tables phone etc. and about two years ago my dad had shot my house with my mom pregnant and my dad had almost killed my mom. Did I forget to mention it was the day before thanksgiving? Yeah so know he's been in jail since February 14th 2014 and I'm not sure when he's getting out. But anyways I get bullied, cyberbullied, and harrased. So one day I thought hey I'm gonna see if cutting helps and to find out it did. So I started doing that and it helped right about till the pain stopped. So I didn't do it that often cuz I knew it didn't help but still did it anyways. Know I've been to a mental hospital and have been to 3 different counselers in the past year and a half. The counselers I have now is really good and nice. He offered to sign me up for gymnastics since my mom and her boyfriend didn't have the money and he also bought me headphones and offered to help my mom out with getting me school supplies. I think and hope my life is starting to go toward the right way and hopefully I don't drop in a pit and get lost. But yeah if I can get through it so can you. I believe in you. Good luck.


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            What a story and it goes to show that no matter how hard life can be at some times, working through our issues, hard work and dealing with feeling/emotions in a healthy manner can start the process of turning your life around. We are happy you were able to get help to stop your cutting and best wishes in the future. Thank you for sharing your story of hope!


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              Useful forum posts, Appreciate it. Cathy (Cathy)


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                Good post guys!


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