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    Hello. So I was really interested in doing outreach, but I will be putting that on hold as I am triggered and need more time to settle, because this triggered me so much: after recieving an email with more info. Statements like these are the reason I fall into depression, become undermine the support that are not familal based: this right here: "Right now, stress levels are increased at a time when stability and consistency have decreased. There are many young people who rely on the presence and support of their teachers and counselors and are missing that consistent in person interaction and guidance." Taken from that email.

    Like okay -- in a nutshell: my family cannot provide support. Period. It's a huge shortcoming that unfortuanely came my way that I don't deserve. For all the times people throw at me, hey there is always support, you are cared for" crap, it's exactly like what that statement did: undermine it because it's not family based. Well I'm sorry that the only support I've ever recieved that ever allowed me to feel loved and heard is from teachers, not "consistent" support. This sets up the expectation that it should be for it to count. THis just sumps up my depression, and why I keep falling back: it's because I feel like all the time, for the people unfortuanley enough to have family support, they get told don't worrry you're not alone you have support, meanwhile the support is being discounted even when not intended as the expectation is as follows that it should be consistent, and it feels like aset up. It makes me feel dissapointed because I didn't reach that expectation

    Did I miss something?

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    Glad you reached out. I’m not sure exactly what you are speaking about but it sounds like you received an email that upset you. It’s brave to talk about what you are struggling with right now and what you feel your peers are too. You mentioned wanting to do outreach, but need to take a breather and that is completely okay and you don’t need to explain why you need a break to anyone. Sometimes everyone needs a breather. I understand that right now times are hard for many and that the pandemic only intensifies the stresses in life. All anyone can do is to do your best everyday, use whatever source of support you have and if you feel that it’s hard to find that learn to use tools that can help you navigate through life. Create a routine that helps you emotionally, exercise, watch more comedies to laugh (proven to help your overall central nervous system), listen to music, meditate, try writing a daily gratitude list this definitely an help you appreciate what you do have or find what helps you most. Here is a link that offers some tools at I hope this helps you some and if you want to chat about this or anything please call or text 2NDFOOR at 888-222-2228.


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