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  • This annoys me

    Please do try to make this as soothing as possible for me. This is really hard for me.

    So suicide is against my religion, self-harm isn't a "grave sin".

    I have a friend who was ranting to me and I got triggered. They were talking about their past in highschool when they "weren't allowed to use the restroom because of their cutting".

    Y'all (not you specifically, but in genera) act like cutting is the only self-harm that there is, and that it means automatic death.

    I went 10 years starving myself and self-harm in ways that others wouldn't notice, or in ways that I feel aren't mainstream. My goals wasn't to die because suicide is a sin for me, rather get relief, and I sure did whether it was "healthy or not" .... people hurt themselves everyday ie smoking?????? But it confuses me as to why some forms get more attention and you suddently become restricted and an incompetent alien that just can't control themselves. I legit used to wear smaller sized shoes until my feet got bruised. That's a "scar", that's my attempt to self harm. I used to down laxatives to throw up and the doctors genuinly believed I had food poisoning ... how come no body really bats an eye?

    Cutting scars aren't the scariest shit in the world, and I understand there needs to be supervision, but some are way too far fetched. What's the danger in cutting scars when the attempt isn't to die?

    I feel like the message is to find ways to hurt yourself that don't look like lines, because if people don't see lines, they won't feel the need to restrict you. It's just the method, no?

    It's funny that I'm typnig this because I'm actually in a really good place right now, but I am triggered when I hear of such protocols because they are done in such a black and white manner.

    There is a huge chance I might respond to your response, because this really bothers me. If I was to call to talk about this topic, will you guys assume that I am in danger and call authorities? Because I'm not, it's just the "concepts" and protocols bothering me.

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    I am glad you reached out to 2ndfloor. This is a difficult time all around for many people so I can see how specific things people might say could trigger you or make you think about something that upsets you. Have you ever thought of talking to a therapist? Or someone you trust about how you feel, often times just letting a person know your perspective on things can help you feel better… You are right in that all self injury or cutting does not lead to suicide but it can for some people and is a warning sign for adults and professionals that someone needs help with coping with stress or depression or anxiety. Cutting is not a health coping skill whether or not you see the cuts or scar so rather when you are offered a healthier alternative it is just that, a healthier tool to use. Here is a link that offers alternatives to cutting and provides some information http://www.selfinjury.bctr.cornell.e...iques-pm-2.pdf
    I would like to also give you a website to check out, it has a lot of information that could help you Please look through the site and you will see you are not in this alone and we are here to support you too. Please reach out to 2NDFLOOR anytime at 888-222-2228 and we are available 24/7.


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      I thank you for your response. I do speak with a therapist, but I just wanted to venture out and seek different perspective anonymously. Like I want to know, it's a lot of thoughts I know, but it helps for me to get it out there. What makes them think that parents are all equipped to dealing with this? I feel like it is so dismissive to the people who don't come from healthy family dynamics, and I reufse to see how they are genuine in helping if they are just doing it for liability, I mean just say that. Like you mentioned, some people do it to die, so why should they impose the same thing for me when I am a different case? It's not a one fit all. For instance, I come from a different culture that has nothing to do with mental heatlh and what's mainstream, my mom is mentally unstable and my dad is very aggressive. There are so many ways to have gotten me help without making me feel threatened and attacked, for one, I did manage on my own and overcome this on my own long before therapy. Do you see my point? Like hypothetically, say I got "caught" and I promised that I will stop and that I'd love to work on it together and I already have a therapist, that's what I don't understand is that why it has to go to parents???? It's liablity isn't it, so it means they don't really care and you just have to fool the system, right?


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        So parents are not always the answer you are right, it is just that they are resources you can have at your fingertips if you are able to have a healthy relationship with them, so suggesting talking to them is just that a suggestion and not meant to be offensive or dismissive. Of course there are many families that are not healthy and then the suggestion would not apply but no harm in suggesting an adult that is around you if it would help. Parents are often contacted for legal purposes depending on your age as well. Also, self injury is a destructive behavior and not a healthy one that is going to allow you to ultimately cope with your emotions and move forward in a healthy manner and often times when one is in the middle of doing this they can not see through that...professionals only want to help and sometimes it takes time to find one that you mesh with. Contact 2NDFLOOR at 888-222-2228 anytime to chat about this or anything.


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