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  • I'm hurting

    I had just found out as a psychology student that BPD is the worst psychological pain and emotional pain, it's like feeling all intense emotions at once. I have that, and other terrible issues and traumas. Can you imagine what's that like when you also come from a different culture as well as dysfunctional, toxic family with NO support???? The only time I felt supported was my my guidance counselor. I am soph in college now, so I left highschool long time ago. It makes me wonder: simple interactions with people who I once developed a connection can go a long way in alleviating 80% of my distress. It's so simple, anything small that people show me is meaningful. It makes wonder why they probably wouldn't bother to interact with me taking into consideration their boundaries and guidelines, etc. Why aren't people nice to me if they know the high levels of pain BPD causes someone (not even close to what depression feels like)? For instance, that alone can make a huge difference. If you know someone struggles like, are you going to try to convince me that a simple deed and action of kindness is difficult to do? Or that it crosses boundaries? The answer is easy, it means they don't care. And if that's the case, then why not freakin admit it for gods sake. How can you claim to care about someone when you know you can do something to alleviate their pain (when you know they have BPD diagnosis) but choose not to give a little bit of your support in a way that doesn't uhhh cross boundaries?

    I hope you are understanding what I am saying...

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    Thank you for reaching out. BPD can certainly be a challenging disorder. Both for the symptoms, it produces as well as the public stigma those with the disorder may face within mental health communities. You mentioned that you are Sophmore studying psychology, which can have its benefits and negatives into giving you insight into your diagnosis. Benefits in knowing that this is not something that you caused. Negative in that it can give you an idea that you will only experience pain. First and foremost it is important to know everyone's journey with BPD is personal, and that your whole experience will not be what is written in your textbook. I hear that the people in your life have let you down and not supported you in the way you needed them to. If you want to talk more about this I recommend you reach out to us at 888-222-2228 by call or text. We are here 24/7.


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      Was it that my questions were hard to answer, which is why you say to give a call?


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        We usually recommend that people reach out to discuss further as we could better help with more specific information that we wouldn't want to inquire about in a public online forum. Also it makes for a smoother back and forth conversation as the message board isn't very suitable for that kind of interaction. If you have a preference for typing I would recommend contacting us via text at 1(888)222-2228 where you will find a more personal conversation that may help.


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