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  • UGH overthinking

    Everybody makes me feel incompetent because I need support. Everyone preaches that there is support available, but when the time comes, the door closes in on me. Am I just that not worthless?
    So I volunteer at a hotline, and I read the protocols and handbook of what happens when a supervisor or someone else sees that you are reaching out for support yourself: and it seems like they get you off the platform to have time off for yourself. But now I am needing support and Im hoped from day 1 that that can be a way to seek support for msyefl too. It doesn't mean I'm dysfunctional, etc. Like one time my guidance counselor told me other teachers go to her just to talk about the troubles of their lives, it doesn't mean they aren't in a place to "teach", but they can seek support in their downtime, and that's part of life. But like for me though... why does it have to make ME incompotent? Can you help me -- I went down an overthinking spiral.

    Please don't mentioned therapy (I already have one) or coping skills (already have them as well) -- I just hoped to have peer support from an orginazation or a place I feel comfort in.

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    I don't know exactly what your job is saying to you about what you mentioned, but if you need clarify then ask for it. You are well within your rights to understand the protocol and it is not legal to persecute someone for wanting support or needing it themself, so I encourage you to ask them about that! I know you mentioned don't mention this but it is important to talk about....You mentioned that you have a therapist and that is great, but lean on that when you say you go down an overthinking spiral. Meaning think of the tools and strategies that you and your therapist talk about that help you the most and put them into motion and sometimes you need to get new ones if the old ones are not helping you get out if this headspace. The thing is that everyone goes through stuff and in order to work through life you have to set up the right support ,whether it is a trusted person, therapist, relative, friend as well as use the best coping skills that work for you. But it is important to remember that you do have the power to change your perspective on things, not everything will always be great but try to find the silver lining and stay positive and stay moving forward. The law of attraction is a real thing, the more you stay in a good headspace the more you can view even the struggles as just that, a learning experience and brush it off a little bit easier. If you need to chat again, just text or call anytime at 888-222-2228.


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