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    Hi. So here and there, I've been having urges to self-harm, and because I dont want to leave scars and have people up in my business, I starve myself instead. I am 19 and I see a therapist already but we're somehow stuck. I don't feel loved, or supported and I feel like the psychiatric industry is just a propaganda to earn money by preying on vulernable people. What's lead to think this way? Last yr in my senior yr I had a wonderful support system at school, and my counselors where the reasons I believed in "help". That one counselor broke my heart when she didn't invite me to an event that she invited other alumnis to, and she knew it was meaninful to me esspeically at a time were social supports is low for me. She knew... the person that advocates for anti self-harm and wants to provide support is the one that caused me pain. Now I can't even visit school with the corona. Secondly, my college denied me of service unless I see ther person Im uncomfortable with. Ive advocated the whole year, but they didnt care. So now, if I self harm and they find out when school starts, they'll play innocent and like they want to help. You could have prevented this and instead of adding fuel to the fire, you coulda helped by provide me support before I start thinking about self-harming. So whats the protocol when they find out a student cuts because listen, why do they want to act like they care when they denied me of SERVICE. How do they expect me to feel safe with them? Will they like kick me outta college?
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    I'm glad to hear you're currently getting support from a therapist. Letting your therapist know you're feeling "stuck" and having urges to self-harm can help you get the most support possible. It's totally okay to let them know things aren't working. You'd actually be helping them to do their job better by sharing that something needs to change! It can absolutely be hard to be vulnerable and honest when you've been hurt by a counselor in the past; That's something you can share with your therapist as well! Your communication is the most effective tool in your treatment. As for your college's protocol regarding self-harm, it most likely depends upon the college. Checking out your school's student handbook can probably give you a better idea, though it's fairly unlikely that you'd be "kicked out" for self-harming. Please feel free to reach out to us 24/7 via call or text at 888-222-2228 if you'd like to get more help with this. Thank you for contacting 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline!


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