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    I have frustration with so many things: here's 2 of them,

    1. Feeling unable to express some issues with my therapist who I have an AMAZING with for almost more than 2 years. She's already familiar with them, but I feel like her and I are just not on the same page on this one. There's such disagreements, and I feel like she's misunderstanding this. I get it because I think with X issue, since she's from older generation, she's sees it from different eyes. But I still want her to "advise" me, but I feel like she is doing it in a way that is counter helpful.

    2. Some professors genuinely aren't understanding that as a person suffering from mental illness, or certain personal conflicts, it's not necessarilty that "class" material or technical difficulties causing grade deflations. They may ask somethings like "How can I help you", and the answer is like, you can't? These is a therapists or a councelors job. Then they say something like get help. Like OK, they want it to be overnight, quick and magic. Like listen pals, y'all have your PHD's and look quite stable to me, don't think its as easy for everyone for god's sake.

    Ok thats it, insights please.

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    That's great that you have a good rapport with your therapist. I am not sure what you are not agreeing with her about but maybe she is trying to get you to see outside of your own thought process the same way that you think she is not seeing out side of hers....hope you got that. Just trying to say that sometimes when someone is in a situation they don't always see alternative views on how to handle it and maybe that is what she is trying to get you to see. Just a thought! If not the case, then write a pros and cons on how to deal with the situation and you use your coping tools that you've gained in therapy to make your best decision.

    As far as your professor situation, again not sure exactly what is going on, but in most life decisions the end result is up ultimately up to you to succeed regardless of a disability or if you are struggling with mental health. Of course there is support with schools and colleges to try and assist if the best way they can. If a professor asks how can I help you, it sounds like they are trying to see what they can do to try to make your outcome the best, well..hopefully a good one will. I get that it may be challenging for some people more than other but that does not mean that you can't succeed no matter your hurdles, it doesn't have to define you. Switch the way you view it, meaning challenges and failures are there to teach you something and make you stronger so use that, use that to give you your strength to push through. Everything you go through grows you! Stay Safe and Positive and if you need to talk please text or call 2NDFLOOR at 888-222-2228.
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