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  • depression???

    i think i may be depressed because for quite a few years now ive felt empty and/or deeply sad, and its been getting worse the past few months. my therapist has suggested numerous treatments, but most of them have either proven to be inaffective or i feel like they just aren't strong enough. im considering going on meds, but im terrified of medication. im afraid my mood will change for the worse, or ill just be numb. and im scared that i may forget to take the medication which may have negative affects.

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    Sorry to hear you've been struggling to feel better. You can continue to address new and different therapies with your therapist until you find what does work for you. Not everyone with depression responds to the same remedies, so keep going until you find what works for you. Meds can seem scary, but many people do find them helpful. Talk with your therapist about your concerns before taking anything. She/he should be able to explain things to you about them. As far as forgetting to take them, have a parent take you to a local drug store and for a couple of dollars, buy a daily pill box. This divides the week into separate days for your pills, and you can see if you've taken it for the day or not very easily. Keep it someplace where you know you'll see it. It makes remembering to take your meds very simple. You could also just set a daily alert on your phone. Call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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      i feel so depressed
      i keep having mental breakdowns
      i hate myself so much and just relapsed
      my dad puts so much stress on me and my family and my mom filed for divorce but he wont leave
      i am constantly invisible and some days its hard to get out of bed and i want to stay in bed and cry
      nobody understands me and i have like no friends
      even if i was gone there wouldn't be a difference


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        Sorry to hear that you are feeling overwhelmed and depressed. It is important for you to tell someone that you trust how you are feeling. Have you ever talked to a therapist or counselor to help you cope with your parents divorce and your depression? Sounds like it would be beneficial for you to try and talk to someone, Here is the link and number to NJ Mental Health Cares they can give you a list of counselors close to you @ & 877-294-HELP (4357). In addition here are some resources you might find helpful to cope with your stress and depression, and I hope this helps some, please contact us via text or phone if you need to talk about this more or anything.


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          I feel like I can't talk about anything that's going on in side of my head


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            Hi there. Sorry to hear that you feel like this. Feel free to call or text to speak with a support counselor as it is a safe space for you to talk about what's going on inside your head, anytime. 888-222-2228


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              I feel sad and dead. My parents put alot of pressure on me and i am overwhelmed. Sometimes i just think about the world with me dead, and this deep sadness keeps happening, what do I do? help me


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                Sorry to hear that you are feeling this way, just know that you are not alone. Have you ever tried talking to your school counselor? They are a great resource that can help you with the pressures of school and even talk about some of the pressures you feel that your parents put on you. Guidance can even ask your parents to come in and discuss some pressures you feel with you too....maybe think about it. Also, sometimes just venting to a friend about your stress can help or a trusted person in your life. Here is a resource you can check out too New Jersey Hope LIne at or call them at 1-855-654-6735, you can also call and talk to us anytime at 888-222-2228. We are here 24/7.


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