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Not sure if I'm depressed or over-dramatic?

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  • Not sure if I'm depressed or over-dramatic?

    Im 16 years old, and I am constantly sad. Starting off with school, I'm in a new school as a sophomore. I'm the outcast which I'm ok with, but everybody judges me and spreads rumors about me which isn't such a great feeling. Then with my family. My mom kicked me out of the house when I was fifteen. I was out for about 4 months then she invited me back. My step-dad imposes his power and control on me. One time I had food in me room so he broke my xbox and tv. While, he lets his 12 year old daughter juul in her room. He doesn't let me leave the house. Shutdown my phone so I can't call,text,snapchat, nothing. Oh also, I have a girlfriend which doesn't really feel like a real relationship it just feels fake. The other day she told me she's going to prom with another dude but still wants to go out with me. I've been completely miserable for a year now. I've told my mom about how I feel but she just shoots down the conversations. I've started using chewing tobacco to get a buzz and escape the feeling of sadness. It it just me? I am depressed or over dramatic?
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    It's hard to say if you are depressed or over dramatic since you have some legitimate reasons to be upset based on some of the things you're saying are going on. The best way to find out is to see a professional mental health counselor. They would be able to talk with you and diagnose if you are just sad due to life events or you have a form of depression that they can also begin treating. Maybe if talking to your Mom doesn't work for you, maybe going to a school counselor who can then approach your Mom with how you feel would be helpful in getting that done. Chewing tobacco is really unhealthy and getting a buzz to escape isn't really healthy, it just adds new issues to your life that doesn't really help. Call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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