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    So I'm in college now and I'm meeting a new trainer in a few days. (He's a fellow student which doesn't make things any less awkward) The thing is, I have mild Cerebral Palsy (It affects my left leg the most) so there are certain things that are more difficult on that side. I don't have a problem making my limits known, but I absolutely HATE opening up to people about that part of my life because on most days, I'm happy and positive (so it's easier for me to just not worry about it at all). Besides my family, there have been probably only 3-5 people that I've bonded with/ opened up to about it, and that's extremely special for me. But, I suddenly feel super nervous about how things are going to go with this new trainer and don't want to let go of the control that I have with knowing my body and what it physically can do! I don't know if at 19, I should be letting these things go, but from the experiences I've had in the past, I like to keep my CP extremely guarded!!

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    It is understandable that you do not open up about this. Having a medical condition can be really hard to talk about with others, especially with others that you don't really know. If you don't feel comfortable sharing this with him then it is okay. Maybe at some point in the future you will, or maybe not. Regardless, it is your decision who you open up to about this. Perhaps you can just tell him that you have certain physical limitations and just let him know what they are (for safety reasons). It is important to let him know your limitations so you don't push yourself and risk getting hurt. If he asks why then you can always try saying something like "I have a medical condition that I prefer to keep private." You may even find it helpful to reach out to others in similar situations as you for support or even to talk to a close friend. Please call 2NDFLOOR anytime at 888-222-2228 for more help!


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