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  • Self harm confession?

    Hey. So I've been cutting for a while now. Some of my friends know. My family dosent. I want to tell my parents but I'm afraid to. And my sisters will find out too. I'm really afraid to, but my friends say I should. Help please?

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    It sounds like your friends have been really supportive to you. They are right to encourage you to reach out to an adult for help. Perhaps you can brainstorm some ideas with your friends, like role-playing. You can practice telling them ahead of time, write them a letter, or even have a friend come with you to talk to them. You can even ask your guidance counselor at school to meet with you and your parents together. You can also call 2NDFLOO anytime at 888-222-2228 for mroe help or we can help you make a plan to tell them.


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      There is a Solution

      Before you go cutting yourself again, think to yourself is it worth cutting. There is a positive solution to help reduce your depression by thinking positive or focusing on something like what your favorite hobby is or what you like to do. It is very important that you tell your parents you are cutting so that they could look into a therapist for you or get you the help you need. Also tell your parents that you are depressed and maybe they could ask a doctor to see if there is a medication to help reduce your depression. Keeping your mind occupied helps to not focus on being depressed or think of something funny that makes you laugh. Try to replace cutting with something positive filing your nails whenever you feel like you want to cut. Don't file your nails too much to the point they are bleeding though. Try clenching your fists and taking deep breaths to reduce your anger or try punching your pillow or writing your thoughts in a journal. Tell your parents you are depressed if you are depressed. Self harm is never a solution to anything.


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