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    Well in a little less than two weeks I will be going on vacation and the week I go on vacation I wont be able to go to therapy because I will be on vacation the day I go to therapy. I have been in therapy for almost 4 years so I should be able to handle skipping a week of therapy. but I am afraid when the time comes to leaving my therapist forever since I have built such a wonderful therapy relationship with my therapist it will be hard to leave but it is also a wonderful thing to leave because leaving therapy would be a huge accomplishment. I just hate when after my therapy appointments I have to wait 7 days until the next appointment. I love therapy so much that I want to be a talkative therapist when I am old enough but that profession would take years to practice. I am guilty but one important reason to me why I don't want to leave my therapy because I don't want to end my therapy relationship with my therapist. I know that if I leave I still have support in my life from family and people who I can talk to at school but its going to be hard to leave my therapist because of the kind trustworthy and unique person she is. I know that there are restrictions between a therapist and a client relationship. And I do have a therapy journal to write down what is bothering me and what my thoughts are and I have already written in one journal and now I am writing in a second journal too. this is what I wrote in my journal " I would hate to leave therapy and I am afraid of leaving therapy " All my therapist and I are working on now is preparing me to take time off of therapy because there is a situation in which in a few months I don't think I will be able to see my therapist for a little while during that situation my therapist will be moving to another therapy office but she does not know which one yet. The part about leaving my the therapist for the rest of my life is bothering me.

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    Hi and thank you for your post! This is completely a huge step for you and I can see how hard thinking about this situation could be. Many different relationships are hard to end especially those types that you build such strong trustworthy connections with. However, like you said ending a client-therapist relationship is a positive thing because of the huge accomplishment you have made! Now I know you are afraid and that is normal, but you have to focus on the other supports you have around you. I think that taking time off of therapy for a little while in a few months will help to prepare you for when your sessions are really done. You mentioned that you have a therapy journal and this is something that you can keep forever. I know it will not be the same as visiting your therapist, but I believe it will be a huge help along the way. Over time, it will become easier and until then when the time comes to move on from therapy remember to use all the supports that you have around you and please do not even hesitate to call us here at 2nd Floor. We are here 24/7 at 888-222-2228. Best of luck!


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