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    This is a really recent thing... I'm always so scared and I don't know how to shut it down. Lately (and it usually happens when I'm alone but it happens a lot with friends) I don't know if I would call them panic attacks... But it can get to that point. I have a crazy fear of the most unlikely things. I don't know if there's anyone else like this but it's crazy. I feel crazy. For example, I can't look at the sky at night because I'm afraid I'm going to see something move up there and it's going to be an asteroid and wipe out the whole earth. Or if I have a tiny pain in my stomach I'm afraid it was my appendix bursting. Or if the crickets at night just stop chirping or start chirping really loud I just assume something's wrong. I feel really unsafe no matter what I do or where I go... I think you can call it paranoia? But I'm just afraid of everything and I don't know what to do. I don't want to hear that there's nothing wrong with me... I want to know what this is so I can get help

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    Thank you for reaching out to 2NDFLOOR. Sometimes we go through periods in life where we feel more anxious than other times. It sounds like this is something that may be happening to you. It sounds like your mind is quickly going to the worst case scenario instead of thinking of less scary possibilities. Next time something like this happen try to identify what you are thinking about when the panic/anxiety starts, did something happen before it occurred? I wish I could give you a definition for what this is but we aren't medical doctors who diagnose. I would potentially think about talking to someone or try to think if there was a situation or big event that happened in your life that made you start feeling this way. Sometimes if we lose a friend or someone passes a way, even big transitions in life can lead us to feel overly anxious. However, if it is becoming something that is affecting you regularly discuss it with your parents, consider going to see a counselor or give us a call. If you want to talk more 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline is here 24/7 at 888-222-2228 or you can text us daily 4-8PM at 908-280-0235.
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