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a senior in my high school might be tryna groom me (and not with a hairbrush)

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  • a senior in my high school might be tryna groom me (and not with a hairbrush)

    nothing like coping thru messed up things using humor ahaha-- but anyways!!

    theres this dude in my video editing class, lets call him oreo.

    we just met today, since he emailed me looking for another person, before giving me his phone number after. so i added him, we started talking, we decided we'd sit together for lunch, and thats where he revealed hes a senior and i revealed im a freshman. we both promise nothing weirds gonna go down in our relationship.

    then, we get home from school and text for... a long time, mainly bc he wanted to keep the convo going. within this long time, oreo has told me that he'd always be there for me if i needed anything 5+ times, that i made his day amazing or that i was the best thing that happened to him 3+ times, and several other things, such as telling me he was ditching his plans of going to europe for college because of me and would instead be going to a local college. he also wanted to have a sleepover with me. once again, keep in mind we've known each other for not even a day.

    worst part abt this all is that im autistic. i cant tell whether he's tryna be pervy or if he's like me and is just genuinely shit at making friends and comes off as creepy in the process. since he did mention he isnt good at making friends. my friends all told me he was likely grooming me (i shared with them a ton of highlights from our convo together), but im not sure if they were just agreeing with me bc we're friends. i'm going to a guidance counselor with screenshots on monday, but i'd just like an extra third-person witness to tell me if this whole thing is as creepy as it came off to me. thank you to whatever 2nd floor admin sees this <3

    - mercury, xe/they/he/end
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    Thanks for reaching out and sharing this. I would say that there are definitely some major red flags here and would agree that these things are creepy. Good for you for picking up on this and taking action. I think it is a great idea that you took screenshots of this and are going to your guidance counselor. That is very mature and smart of you! If you would like to talk about this further you can call or text us at the 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline. We are here 24/7 at 888-222-2228. Stay safe!


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      It is very brave, wonderful, and smart of you to take screenshots and share what is happening. If this person has made you feel uncomfortable at all, in any way, then it is great that you are going to the guidance counselor and telling people about it. No one should ever make you feel uncomfortable, and you should never feel bad about voicing your feelings or concerns.


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