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  • this is kinda weird


    About maybe 3-4 years ago, I met a girl in the college I was enrolled in at the time. We met while we were both in a really dark place in our lives. Long LONG story short, I developed a crush on her, she found out, due to the circumstances we were both in dating at the time would've been inappropriate, she helped me feel better about the situation, we hugged then we both went out separate ways.

    We kept in touch through social media but never directly messaged each other. We didn't exchange phone numbers or emails. Her email was made public recently on her social media page and I had the idea of reaching out to her.

    Now fast forward to the present, I don't want to date her or anything like that. This is where things get really spicy. When we met I was a cishet man and she (I assume) was a cishet woman. I am now a bisexual trans-woman. Nothing much about me physically has changed, but I'm currently taking hormones and making further plans for transitioning. But I still think about reuniting with her because I related to her in really personal ways. Before then I knew nobody in my life who experienced low self-esteem, body image issues, overthinking and anxiety, and more. She was a source of a lot of good memories in that dark place and she actually helped me get through it. I guess I just want her to be a part of my life as a friend. Everything about me has changed over those years, right down to my gender. And the only thing I've kept with me all this whole time was her.

    Should I email her? Is all this just weird? We've talked to each other through comments on posts and small stuff like that, but never directly and never in a full conversation. If I do decide to email her, what would I even say? What SHOULD I say? Is there something wrong with me for wanting to do this?

    I apologise if I appear too vague in this post. I'll be happy to answer any questions that will help fill in any gaps you see or just some extra context. This "dark place" is very personal and I don't want to get too specific about it. Sorry.

    Thank you

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    It sounds like you really want to reconnect to her so ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen? I guess just be prepared that she might not reach back out but that's it right! If you just want to chat and catch up keep the email simple and honest, you could say something like hey, I saw your email and figured why not reach out and see how you are.Then you could talk a little about yourself nothing too personal but like what you've been up to and then you can say I hope to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. Something along the lines of that would not be too personal but keeping it light. You never know what can happen but if you are going to keep wondering then maybe just do it. I hope this helps and if you want to talk further about this or anything please give 2NDFLOOR a call or text at 888-222-2228, we are here 24/7.


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      And you got the girl very nice


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