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    I recently became friends with this awesome person we'll call sasha. Both of us are a bit screwed in the head and dealing with out own personal demons, but Sasha definitely has it much worse than me... or so I thought. Lately I've been rather suspicious of this. Sasha supposedly has several mental disorders that completely interfere with their life, which would make sense. Depression and anxiety have REALLY changed who I am, but a lot of details about this seemed... off. For starters, Sasha said they only had Bipolar disorder in the beginning when we started talking. They were going through some pretty bad drama at the time. But once the drama cooled down, all of sudden they come up and say they have Social anxiety and Panic Disorder. Sasha specifically said social anxiety was one of their diagnoses. Then, today on instagram, they told all their followers about their problems and General anxiety disorder was used to replace social anxiety. When I asked Sasha about this, they replied saying they never claimed to have social anxiety, but I clearly remember them telling me they told me they had Social anxiety. In addition, another diagnosis they never told me about, depression. Now, I know it is possible to have both depression and bipolar disorder, and it is definitely more on the rare side. And this diagnosis NEVER came up. When I asked, they said they had been diagnosed two weeks ago. I can believe that, but, the weird thing is, this diagnosis seemed to come out of virtually nowhere, when no one was paying attention to them. This also happened once, when they randomly said they had dyslexia at a time where there was little to no drama. It seems like the only time they tell people about their diagnoses is at a time when no one is talking about them. They also seem to randomly alternate between being extremely proud and confident in their body, to claiming they have anorexia. I can't say for sure these are lies, but... their behavior just seems so off. I would probably brush all of this aside, if it weren't for the fact that there are people telling me that Sasha is faking their mental illnesses. Given, these people don't really like Sasha, but... I have to admit, there are a few valid points to these peoples' arguments. Such as how their disorders really only seem to effect them a lot when there isn't any drama surrounding them, or how they are supposedly diagnosed but not in therapy or on medication. I don't want to accuse Sasha of something that's false, I just... I need someone to tell me whether or not these things line up.

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    I am glad you reached to 2NDFLOOR for support. I am unable to say if Sasha really has these disorders or if she does not. She does had some type of mental illness, especially if she is lying about having various disorders. I would not recommend approaching her about if she is lying about these disorders, that would not help anyone in this situation. The only thing you could do is let her know you're there to support her if she needs you or wants to talk. Do you still want to be friends with her? You should think about that too. Also, the people talking about her should probably be ignored. It does sound like this girl could really use a good friend and some support. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to 2NDFLOOR again by Message board, text or phone. We are available 24/7, our number is 888-222-2228.


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