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Can I even afford to lose him?

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  • Can I even afford to lose him?

    I transferred to a new school about two years ago. Let's just say I'm not exactly popular in my school. The majority of the people think I'm a freak, and I have about three actual "friends" (and even then, we don't talk out of school). I've known them all since when I transferred as the three of them were all friends with each other. The thing about that is one of those "friends" actually makes me uncomfortable and kind of scares me. My first year at that school he repeatedly threatened rape me and I refused to be alone with him. He has also has a tendency to racist things to me and pick on me for all the little slip ups I make. I've wanted for ages to just cut him off, but as I said earlier, he's friends with my other two friends. If I were to cut him off, I would have to cut off my only other two friends at school, which is only going to make things more miserable. And, no, I never reported him to the school. Everyone already hates me enough, if I were to speak up, I might as well just put a giant red X on my back and tell people to kick me. I want this guy out of my life but there's no way I could cut him out without losing my only other two friends. I have no clue what to do.

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    Thank you for reaching out for help on this issue. It sounds like you are in a tough situation, but it also sounds like you may be in danger if you continue to allow this person to be around you. Threats of rape, and even his bullying/racist remarks, are not okay. It is really brave of you to post on here and speak up about it. I understand that you are hesitant to go to anyone at school about this for fear of what will happen when other classmates find out, but try to think about the cost of staying quiet as well. Are your other two friends aware of what this friend is doing? Maybe you can try speaking with them about what is going on; it is possible that they might be feeling the same way you do about this particular person. Please do not feel obligated to continue being friends with someone who treats you this way as true friends typically do not behave like this. If confronting him is too much, you can try to slowly distance yourself. Additionally, please consider speaking with your school guidance counselor about what you are experiencing in school. If you want to discuss this further we are here 24/7, call or text us at anytime.


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