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My family makes me wanna cry

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  • My family makes me wanna cry

    School work had made me wanna cry cause of all the stress my family puts me in, its too the point i dont wanna eat anymore. and i became more and more self concious , cause they also comment on the way my body looks, and after crying and calming myself down i decided to join a call with my friends, and one of them just said my voice is demonic, that makes me not wanna speak anymore.

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    Wow, it sounds like you are really having a rough time during this whole stay at home time. Stressing out over school work is something I've heard most teachers say they don't want to happen. Can you let your teacher know what is stressing you out with your work and maybe they can help you out. Can you let your family know about what they are doing that is stressing you out? Maybe they don't know they are stressing you out or hurting your feelings with their comments on your looks. Do you think your friend said that to hurt your feelings? Your voice was likely just distorted by Zoom or whatever program you were using to talk to them. You also don't have to let people's opinions control your behaviors. People will always have opinions about you (and everything) but that doesn't make them true or factual. Try to be happy with who you are so other people's opinions of you don't have such an impact on your life. And if someone says something that hurts your feelings, it's ok to tell them that it did. Be well and call or text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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